November 7-9, 2018


Building a business solution with Guillotina



Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, Designer, Developer

Inspired by Plone since its beginning, Guillotina is now a production-ready stack allowing to build powerful applications.

This talk will present the Onna platform (100% based on Guillotina), and it will give a focus on the frontend development specific practices we have defined to with a headless solution.

It will also be an opportunity to introduce interesting libraries and tooling we are maintaining (mr-developer for frontend, traversal for frontend, Pastanaga UI, Guillotina admin UI, etc.), aiming to bring the Plone wisdom to the frontend world.

When: From 11/8/18 3:20 PM to 11/8/18 4:00 PM

Location: Conference Room(3F)