Dear Plone Enthusiasts,

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We are pleased to present you the 16th Plone Conference in Tokyo. Tokyo is a unique, exciting city of modern and traditional charms. It is an honor for us to host this global event as first one in Asia as well.  Whole training, talks, sprint will be held in English language.

Plone software and community has been evolved actively nearly 20 years since Plone debut on the Internet. Plone Conference supporte this miracle long life in the fast-changing industry. Plone software is about to leap into a next generation, Python 3 and Zope 4. Also, Plone community has gradually expanded to Asian countries. We organize this event for Plone people to experience the *DIFFERENT* world by characterizing with three keywords.

  • Tokyo
  • New attendees from Japan and Asia
  • Networking with Python and Other Open Source Communities

Tokyo is very different among other megacities. Exotic experiences inspire new ideas and discussion. You can see some differences by Youtube and readings, but direct interaction with people at that place gives you far more impact. In the Conference event, we provides special attraction of Shodo and Kagamibiraki. What are they? Join us!

New attendees from Japan and Asia is out intention. We would like people in the software industry to have networking among people with an interest in Plone.

Networking with Python and Other Open Source Communities expands your interest and opportunity. Hoping everyone could get something new.


Ota City Industrial Plaza (PiO)
1-20-20 MinamiKamata Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Train: 3 min walk from Keikyu-Kamata Station or 13 min walk from JR Kamata Station.


The venue for the sprint day (Sat. 10 and Sun. 11) is different from the main venue. Please check the sprints page.

Pre-event Schedule

  • May 2018: Sponsorship rally begins
  • May 2018: Event ticket sales open
  • July 2018: CfP open
  • September 2018: CfP results announced

Event Schedule


November 5 - 6, 2018


November 7 - 9, 2018


November 9, 2018 (evening) at same venue


November 10 - 11, 2018 (Venue not yet decied)



A ticket is required to attend the Plone Conference 2018 Tokyo.  Following types of tickets are available.

Ticket Sale and Registration started!
Now, ticketing and registration has started.


Hurry up and get your ticket for the very best event. 

To buy tickets for your group, register from this form.

Ticket Types

General Ticket   JPY 50,000 (advance sale)

Available till the day before Conference begins. Including

  • All Training on 5, 6 of November
  • All Talks on 7, 8, 9 of November
  • Lunch on 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of November
  • T-shirt and Novelty Goods
  • Dinner Party
  • Coffee/Tea Break

Early-Bird Ticket   JPY 40,000 (advance sale)

Available till end of September. Including same services as General ticket.

Speaker Ticket   JPY 40,000 (advance sale)

Available only for Speakers. Including same services as General ticket.

Cancel/Refund Policy:

No refund when you cancel your participation.  Ticket is Transferable: You can pass your ticket to other person.

Refund of ticket in full will be made when the conference is cancelled. We do not owe any other cost.



Sponsorship program is a way to expose your brand to talented people.  Thank you very much for supporting the Plone Conference 2018 Tokyo.

 History of Plone Conference

#1 2003 October 15 - 17 New Orleans, USA
#2 2004 September 20 - 23 Vienna, Austria
#3 2005 September 19 - 21 Vienna, Austria
#4 2006 October 25 - 27 Seattle, WA USA
#5 2007 October 8 - 12 Naples, Italy
#6 2008 October 6 - 12 Washington D.C. USA
#7 2009 October 28 - 30 Budapest, Hungary
#8 2010 October 25 - 31 Bristol, UK
#9 2011 November 1 - 8 San Francisco CA USA
#10 2012 October 8 - 14 Arnhem, Netherland
#11 2013 October 2 - 4 Brasilia, Brazil
#12 2014 October 29 - 31 Bristol, UK
#13 2015 October 12 - 18 Bucharest, Romania
#14 2016 October 17 - 23 Boston MA USA
#15 2017 October 18 - 20 Barcelona, Spain


The organizer “PloneConference2018 Steering Committee” was established in 2017 by six Plone freaks of Manabu Terada, Takeshi Yamamoto, Zenichiro Yasuda, Tadaomi Sakai, Takashi Nagai and Takanori Suzuki. They advocate Plone since 2003 impressed by legendary Padova Sprint and Plone Conference #1 in New Orleans. Monthly Plone meet-up were held more than 15 years without interruption in Tokyo. Since 2004, they promoted Plone by putting up community booth and presentation talk at Open Source Conference, the largest open source community event in Japan every year. They are also freak of Zope/Python and willing to contribute future of open source community.