November 7-9, 2018


Great authorization for Django, like Pyramid

Hiroki Kiyohara

Hiroki Kiyohara

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Developer

How can we handle complex authorization?
Yes, Pyramid has great security framework, and we can use ACLAuthorizationPolicy.

Then, how can we use it with Django? I created django-keeper to do this.
On this talk, you can learn what problem Django has, and how to solve it by using django-keeper.

django-keeper can handle complex permission assignment. There is permission feature on Django, but I think it's not enough for most purposes.

See the repository for more details

When: From 11/9/18 10:40 AM to 11/9/18 11:20 AM

Location: Meeting Room D(6F)