November 7-9, 2018


What are Jamaicans doing with Plone?

Oshane Bailey

Oshane Bailey

Length: Short Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Designer, Developer

In this talk, I am going to demonstrate a suite of tools and techniques that simplify the process of moving from an idea to a deployed product. The presentation showcase how we at Alteroo, the only development shop in Jamaica that uses Plone, use our current stack to get things done quickly. Parts of the stack that I am going to demonstrate includes the following:

- Roosite.launchkit for starting new projects.
- Mosaic Styles and Tiles
- Auto-deployment of Plone Themes with rollback functionality powered by Gitlab CI/CD.
- Predefined Diazo and XSLT rules for content and theme manipulation.
- Faceted and filtered results using collective.filters
- Indexable JSON values by making DataGridField into metadata

The vision is to make it easier for future developers to start, build, update and deploy with little backend changes as possible while having the ability to do so if needed.

You can read more about this at

When: From 11/9/18 12:20 PM to 11/9/18 12:40 PM

Location: Sub Exhibition Hall(2F)