November 5-6, 2018


Hacking Plone

Instructor: Mike Metcalfe, Jean Jordaan, T. Kim Nguyen

Length: 1 day

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

  • Documentation
  • What you will learn: 
    • How to create a new Dexterity content type from the Plone control panel, using different types of fields and behaviors. You will also create a custom workflow for your content type and export the whole thing, in order to be able to deploy it somewhere else.
    • Plone provides a powerful theming tool, Diazo, and we'll explain how it works. From those principles we'll show you how to create a new theme derived from the default Plone theme, and how to create a new theme from scratch. We'll also cover how to manipulate the display of Plone content with rules and how to create a style with LESS and compile it.
    • Plone has a new layout tool, Mosaic, and we'll explain how it works. From those principles we'll show you how to manage layouts and use the different types of tiles. Because it's still an add-on we'll also cover how to install it.
    • *new* How to build workflow applications that replace paper-based forms and accelerate and transform how an organization or department does business.
  • Prerequisites: No Plone knowledge is required, HTML/CSS/JS and Python knowledge, experience with another web framework would be helpful.
  • Things to bring: A laptop with code editor of your choice and with Plone installed as described in Chapter 4, Installing Plone for the Training. It is extremely important that you come to the class with a working Plone installation on your laptop! If you do not you won't be able to keep up with the instruction.

When: From 11/5/18 9:30 AM to 11/5/18 6:30 PM

Location: Room E