November 5-6, 2018



Trainings are a chance for Plone developers, not only for novices but also for pros to catch up with bleeding edge technologies. The following session are already planned:

  • Learn Plone” by Paul Roeland is a half-day session for beginners and content editors,  Learn how to effectively manage your Plone website content!
  • Intro to CastleCMS” by Kim Nguyen is a half-day session for content editors, decision makers, site owners.
  • Mastering Plone 5 Development” by Philip Bauer and Thomas Schorr is a two-day session for developers.  Learn how to develop custom websites in Plone 5 using the lates best-practices.
  • Hacking Plone” by Jean Jordaan is a one-day or two day session for Web developers, power users and content management leads.  Create custom content types, a design for a website, layouts for homepages and content types, and custom application logic. All in the browser!
  • Guillotina” by Ramon Navarro is a one-day session for Python and JavaScript developers.  Getting started with Guillotina: the asyncio REST resource API.
  • Use the Power! Plone Forms & Workflow” by Kim Nguyen is a half-day session for power users and integrators.  Easy business processing with Plone forms and workflow.
  • React” by Rob Gietema, Roel Bruggink is a one-day session for developers.  Get started with React & Friends.
  • Plone React” by Rob Gietema, Roel Bruggink is a one-day session for developers. Create your own site using Plone-React.
  • Transmogrifier” by Chrissy Wainwright is a one-day session for developers.  Learn how to migrate content (whether from Wordpress, Plone, or another CMS) into a new Plone site.
  • Create Static Websites with GatsbyJS” is a one-day session for JavaScript and Plone developers.  Getting started with GatsbyJS, a blazing-fast static site generator for React, and how to combine it with a powerful CMS like Plone.
  • ZODB” by Jim Fulton is planned!  Detail comes soon.

All trainers are subject matter experts who are actively leading those area.  It will be precious time to get acquaint yourself with subject matter community.  Best of all, you can take those training session without additional cost! All training sessions are INCLUDED in the ticket price.